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Turn your special events into truly exceptional moments

The Hôtel-Dieu in Carpentras is located at the heart of the Vaucluse region and is easily accessible by train or even car, thanks to its completely free parking. This makes it an ideal spot to organise an event people are not likely to forget. 

The Inguimbertine at the Hôtel-Dieu offers the most exceptional of spaces that can host study days, meetings, seminars, conferences, cocktail evenings and business events inside this majestic monument. It is the perfect backdrop for unique events, from the world of business to cultural experiences for an adult or younger audience. 

The whole Inguimbertine team will be glad to help organise your event just how you want it, ensuring that your guests are impressed.

Rent out the library museum

Make your event something special.

With us, you have the opportunity to arrange for private access to our collections, to give your event that extra wow factor. 

You can choose from an unaccompanied or guided visit to our collections, with audio guides and video guides and theme-based visits.

This can only be booked outside of the normal opening hours. Visits during opening hours are possible, but will be organised differently. No events other than the visit itself may be held in the rooms where the collections are displayed.

Discover the rooms

The grand areas

Cocktail evenings | Parties | Galas | Product launches

The grand gallery, accessible via the grand staircase only, offers you a majestic and historic one-of-a-kind venue. You can welcome your guests in the Hall des Donatifs. The space can accommodate up to 200 guests. 

You can rent out the three most beautiful areas in the Hôtel-Dieu, have a room set aside for caterers, and have the option of using the grand staircase only. These spaces are accessible outside of normal opening hours only.



Garden of the Nuns

Cocktail evenings | Parties | Coffee breaks | Company events

With its view of Mont Ventoux, the garden in the old convent of the Augustinian nuns is the perfect spot for a cocktail evening or work party. The space can accommodate up to 80 guests. 

Tables and chairs can be provided, with private access possible from the Général Khelifa car park.



The forum of the multimedia library

Parties | Conferences

At the heart of the multimedia library, in the old patient room of the Hôtel-Dieu, the forum holds both books and artworks and acts as a perfect setting for meetings and exchanges. An exceptional evening is guaranteed. The space can accommodate up to 200 guests.

The furniture can be removed from the centre of the room to allow for speakers, and the patio over the southern courtyard can also be accessed.



Hall des donatifs, bienfaiteurs de l'hôtel-Dieu

The conference room

Conferences | Seminars | Symposia

On the garden level, the Peiresc room is perfect for working in large and small groups. 
When combined with its entryway, the Pétrarque room, it has space for greeting guests, serving food and working together, all in the same part of the building. The space can accommodate up to 100 guests. 

You can use a video projector with a screen, completely soundproof the space (for recording and broadcasting), record videos in consultation with the direction team depending on the conditions in question, and have access to tables, chairs and hangers in a private cloakroom.


The activity room

Meetings | Workshops | Galas | Product tests

The Marie-Thérèse Chalon and Henri Dreyfus rooms are perfect for working in small groups. They can be supplemented with the Garden of the Nuns, allowing direct access to an outside area. Each room can accommodate up to 30 people. 

Different layouts of tables and chairs can be organised. The Marie-Thérèse Chalon room has a video projector for presentations.



The Cabaret

Concerts | Shows | Meetings

Right next to the Hôtel-Dieu, a unique space where you can welcome large numbers of guests is waiting just for you. Its stained glass windows, velvet and wooden finishings are warm and welcoming and will certainly impress your attendees. The space can accommodate up to 950 guests. 

Several set-ups are possible, depending on your needs, including a bar, dressing room, furniture, and basic sound and lighting equipment.

Other supporting services

Nous vous accompagnons pour la réussite de vos événements.

We want to help make sure that your events are a success.

We will support you for all the technical choices that will make your event unforgettable. Even if you don’t rent out the library museum, you can still offer your guests unique visitor experiences during normal opening hours.

We can also suggest cultural activities for children based on the library museum’s collections organised by our team.

All rooms have access to free WiFi. If you have more specific needs, we can provide wired internet with a speed suitable for video upon request.

Our services always include security and cleaning by staff familiar with the space, as well as a host to welcome guests. For VIP guests, parking inside the building is also a possibility.

The capacities of the room are given as guidance only, and may vary depending on the event itself and the regulations in question.

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