The multimedia library



The multimedia library gives you free access to 80,000 documents across different areas: literature, documentaries, comics, children’s literature, and video and audio files. Almost 100 press titles and many digital resources are also available. 

Enjoy access to console and PC video games and a computer music booth to create music freely.

Settle in one of the 150 work stations and the IT room with free internet access, where you can do your online admin or simply have some fun. You can also access the WiFi network from all areas. 
The many seats and the access to outside patios let you get a new glimpse of this cultural and friendly location as you sit inside the large historic rooms of the Hôtel-Dieu. 

This ambiance ensures full immersion in the world of its eminent painter and intellectual through its display of a selection of more than 140 pieces.

These include portraits of the donors and benefactors of the Inguimbertine, a music collection with instruments from Europe and further afield, copies of portraits of musicians drawn in the 19th century by Bonaventure Laurens, scores handwritten by Bach and Schumann, a scientific collection with a rare terrestrial globe (created in 1622 by the company Blaeu in Amsterdam), and landscapes from Provence-based artists from the 19th century to the modern day.

This unique atmosphere guarantees an exceptional experience.